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Targeted recruitment is the main characteristic of all of our searches.
New Vision Recruitment conducts a preliminary study of the market identifying a target list where the potential candidates perform their jobs.

The selection is conducted through contacts set aside with profiles that are considered potentially adequate to cover the searched position.
Through an in-depth interview and a careful request of references, we select a restricted pool of candidates that will be presented to our client along with further evaluation documents.

New Vision Recruitment uses also the channel of its own data base and the curriculums coming from the website.
Strength point is also the continuous development of relationships; in our years of activity we have implemented an important network of contacts with operators of the sector that to this date allows us to provide valid names targeted to the current search.

This word-of-mouth network drastically reduces presentation times.

New Vision Recruitment, through its own technology and its strong Know How, guarantees
candidates with references and qualifications in the following areas:



Restaurant Manager - Marketing Manager - Guest Relations Manager - Executive Chef - Visual Manager - Operation Manager - Maitre - HR Manager - Architect - Sommelier - Administration - Real Estate Manager - Retail Manager - Event Manager - Franchising Manager - Area Manager - Press Office Manager - Digital Online Coordinator

Spa & Gym

Spa & Gym

Spa Manager - Event Manager - Product Manager - Guest Relations Manager - Reception Staff - Merchandiser Manager - HR Manager - Administration Manager - Account

Hotel & Resort

Hotel & Resort

General Manager - Buyer Executive - Housekeeping - Marketing Manager - Visual - Stylist - Food & Beverage Manager - IT Manager - Architect - Room Division Manager - Distribution Manager - Event Manager - Restaurant Manager - HR Manager - Operation Manager - Financial Controller - Digital Online Communication - Commercial Director - Guest Relations Manager

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